What is RCD?

RCD is life saving device that can be found in your switchboard. its also known as Safety Switch.

RCD stands for Residual Current Device.

RCD’s designed to detect any disruption to the electrical flow through the electrical circuit and to switch the power off should usually associated with electrical shock or electrocution be detected.


Importance of RCD’s!!

RCD testing and maintenance is extremely important as

The safety device not only provides a high level of protection from electric shock, it can also detect electrical leaking in electrical wiring and minimise the risk of fire.

Perth Test N Tag offer a complete RCD maintenance and testing service carried out by our qualified technicians.


Perth Test N Tag offering Service

After inspecting and testing portable electrical equipment or an RCD used on a construction or demolition site the item must be tagged.

Tagging should also be undertaken following the inspection and testing or a non-portable RCD.

The tagging must be done by a competent person and in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010.

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