Electrical Appliances Testing & Tagging

Electrical Appliances testing & tagging

Why it is important?

OH & S Acts place responsibility in the hand of the PCBU (Person conducting Business or Undertaking)

OH & S act stipulate that you have a duty of care under common law to provide safe working environment

As a part of this responsibility all portable electrical appliances should be test and tagged according to AS/NZS 3760:2010


What we do!!

All electrical items undergo an initial visual inspection carried out by our experienced team to establish any apparent dangers in the first instance.

The appropriate test is then applied to the equipment and the results are electronically recorded to our systems internal memory.

The test information, including the test result and the next test date is then printed directly on to our tags.

Those items that fail the testing process are tagged as “OUT OF SERVICE” or  “DANGER” and include information as to why they have failed.